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There’s been a lot of bags of salt rubbed over that piece of wood on the conveyor, judging by how deep the wear patterns are.

The bag building gets kinda creepy when there’s no second shift.

The valve-pack machine is like a dusty pipe organ.

Propane storage.  Or maybe acetylene?  Oxygen?  I’ve looked at the labels plenty of times but never had to actually use them.

End of maintenance hallway.

This is the way to the back entrance to the underground warehouse.

Maintenance hallway, with the lights down for roof scraping.  I don’t know what was happening farther down other than it was generating a lot of dust.

Valve pack bagger dials.

Salt dust buildup on the old valve pack bagger controls.

The new Alpine, a sort of small continuous miner, being used to grind down a roadway so that larger vehicles can pass.

Note the furrows in the rock from the grinding head moving back and forth.  

The grinding head on the new Alpine.  It’s a neat shape and I wouldn’t want to get anywhere near it when it’s in motion.

The dang light on the Alpine arm made it hard to get a picture.

Look at the guy getting into the cab for a sense of loader scale.

It was too dark to turn out well, but I stood inside the scoop for another picture.

They bought new fans for mine ventilation.  The fellow I was traveling with suggested strapping one to the back of a small vehicle and creating a hovercraft.  This one was brand new - not even dusty.