Homemade steam injector.

Shoo, raccoon. Garbage is empty now.

Hello, surprisingly cute little raccoons. (There were 3.)

Dead moth says “Hey, what’s up?”

Hello, toadfrog behind my office.

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I hope people like eating bread, cause bread is what they are getting.

This is the largest poolish I have ever built. I am a little worried that it will escape before morning.

I have so many baking options available now that I don’t even know what to do with myself.

This mouse had to go die on the one thing I needed to carry out of the service shaft building, 5 stories up.

Toad about town.

Lizard about town.

There’s been a lot of bags of salt rubbed over that piece of wood on the conveyor, judging by how deep the wear patterns are.

The bag building gets kinda creepy when there’s no second shift.