If you show up with treats enough times, the horses get permanently interested in you - or at least the contents of your pockets.

Valve pack bagger dials.

Salt dust buildup on the old valve pack bagger controls.

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This year, when spring arrived, the bunny didn’t shed but instead sorta exploded.

If you kneel down anywhere on the first floor of our house, you will sooner or later get licked by a rabbit.

Peter Rabbit is more like Creepy Rabbit.

I hope that I accidentally picked up a blood orange. Cause this orange looks like something horrible happened to it.

The new Alpine, a sort of small continuous miner, being used to grind down a roadway so that larger vehicles can pass.

Note the furrows in the rock from the grinding head moving back and forth.  

The grinding head on the new Alpine.  It’s a neat shape and I wouldn’t want to get anywhere near it when it’s in motion.

The dang light on the Alpine arm made it hard to get a picture.